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Thousand Pieces of Gold

  • Winter 2006 -- Washington State Library's
    Washington Reads Program -- Featured Book
  • Spring 2006 -- Rathdrum Public Library
    One City, One Book
A Quality Paperback Book Club Alternate 1982 & 1991

NEW 2015 Edition

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Additonal Reviews

"...the novel is biographical, packed with adventure, drama, inspiration and history. It is fast-paced and entertaining."
San Francisco Chronicle
"...a stunning biographical novel."
Los Angeles Times
"...a gripping story told with designed skill,"
East/West News
"McCunn's calm consideration helps build a bridge that links a culture's past and future."
Village Voice
"...a moving, plainly told story about fidelity, adversity, courage, pain, love, friendship and loss,"
California Magazine
" of the strongest women characters I've ever read about: Lalu Nathoy transcends the problems that beset all women, plus those of a Chinese-American immigrant woman in the rough days of the last century's frontier."
Asian Week
"I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in good biography, in the true stories of strong and wonderful women, to all western women who think that 'slavery didn't happen here,' to Asian and Asian-American women, to white women seeking to expand their understanding about race and silenced history, to all women who care about women's history..."
The Feminist Bookstore News
"This story of survival and success, told in a crisp, clean style, illuminates an overly neglected aspect of our history and yet avoids polemic and exaggeration."
San Francisco Bay Guardian
"There is no way I can curb my enthusiasm for this fascinating book about Lalu Nathoy,... Scenes, emotions, dialogue, motivation--all have the ring of authenticity. Lalu emerges as a person of dignity, intelligence, devotion, even humor. Author McCunn has given me a friend I'll never forget."
Peninsula Times Tribune

Current U.S. Publisher:
Beacon Press, Paperback, 1988, 2004, 2015
5-3/8" x 8", 212 pages, 978-0-8070-8326-0, $15.00

U.S. Publishing History:
Design Enterprises of S.F., Hardcover & Trade Paper 1981-1983
Dell (Laurel) Paper 1983-1988