Books by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Chinese American Portraits

Outstanding Academic Book, 1990, Choice

"This worthwhile contribution illuminates yet another dimension of the American Dream."
Publishers Weekly
"A rich, poignant, cultural and biographical portrait."
American History Illustrated
"Thanks to McCunn's special research skills, CHINESE AMERICAN PORTRAITS provides a kind of informal, family snapshot album of the Asian American movement--its roots, its lost souls, its active reclaimers and interpreters."
San Francisco Review of Books
"(T)his fine introduction to important aspects of the Chinese American experience effectively conveys the personal dimensions of that experience."
Library Journal
"The faces and stories gathered here are, above all, fascinating. (They) reawaken our awe at the mystery and diversity of experience--not only Chinese American but all human experiences. ...a marvelous study."
Savvy Woman
"...a worthwhile book that tells a great deal about Chinese Americans and about American society as a whole."
San Francisco Chronicle
"...personal and quietly moving...a wonderful group portrait."
Belles Lettres
"McCunn has done an admirable job of exposing the way Chinese have been Americans making history for over a century and a half, and of bringing noteworthy pioneers and cutting-edge contemporaries to light."
Asian Week
"...a delightful book to read on a rainy afternoon. The writing style is engaging, including both dialogue and stories."
Journal of Asian History
"McCunn's book is a gift to readers yearning for a history of the Chinese in America which does not reduce them to charts and statistics and which does not tell us merely what was done to them. Here we are offered immensely readable vignettes of real people, not faceless Chinese. McCunn has humanized history in her portraits, weaving general history into biographies and introducing us to the Chinese as actors in the past."
Journal of Asian History

Current U.S. Publisher:
University of Washington Press, Trade Paperback, 1996
8-1/2" x 11", 176 pages, 0-295-97552-0, $18.95

U.S. Publishing History:
Chronicle Books, Hardcover & Trade Paperback 1988 - 1995