Books by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Wooden Fish Songs
New Edition
with Introduction by King-Kok Cheung
University of California, Los Angeles
Afterword by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Jeanne Farr McDonnell Best Fiction Award, Women's Heritage Museum, 1997

"An enthralling, moving and often surprising read."
South China Morning Post
"This is rich and beautiful storytelling, full of cultural nuance and finely crafted characters."
" (A)n affecting story....(McCunn's) skillful balance of individual stories and social history makes a poignant statement."
Publishers Weekly
"(I)mpressively researched and richly inspiring story of one man's pursuit of the American dream in the face of overwhelming adversity."
San Francisco Chronicle
"McCunn's work offers a cross-cultural study of women's lives at the end of the nineteenth century from rural China to antebellum Massachusetts to frontier Florida."
Asian Week
"The author's remarkable literary achievement here is that she has created the distinct voices of three very different characters who belong to, and who express, the traditions and values of their own rich cultures... Like the best historical novels, WOODEN FISH SONGS takes readers into a remote time and place and also shines a light on the present. McCunn's fictional history enables us to see America today--a nation of incredible diversity and of new immigrants facing old barriers and archaic attitudes."
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
"Cross-cultural tensions put McCunn's story into a human landscape more universal than the confines of its day."
San Jose Mercury
"WOODEN FISH SONGS is engrossing, if sobering, reading-especially given the xenophobia of some today."
International Examiner
"A worthy tale of a Chinese-American's remarkable life."

Current U.S. Publisher:
University of Washington Press, 2007

U.S. Publishing History:
Dutton, Hardcover 1995 - 1996
Plume, Trade Paperback 1996 - 1999
Beacon Press, Trade Paperback, 2000