Books by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Sole Survivor

Best Nonfiction Adventure, SW Booksellers Association, 1985
A Book of the Month Club, Dolphin Book Club Alternate 1985
Condensed Book, Reader's Digest International

"...a book of major interest and importance by an American Chinese author of remarkable talent,"
Dallas Times Herald
"Ruthanne Lum McCunn's SOLE SURVIVOR reflects a splendid talent combined with careful workmanship that is the very definition of conceptual quality--sought by so many and achieved by so few. I give it my unstinting recommendation."
The Midwest Book Review
"More than 40 years later, Lim's triumphant struggle, retold by a skilled and perceptive writer, still stands as an epic of the human spirit,., Flashbacks to Lim's life and family in a small Hainan village, vignettes of Chinese customs, his dreams and hallucinations, are all used by the author to lift this sea story into the realm of literature."
National Maritime Union
"It creates another image of what it means to be a hero--an image of intelligence, thoughtfulness, patience, resourcefulness and commitment to family and tradition. And all in the context of a fast reading, high tension, deeply moving irresistible story. "
The Feminist Bookstore News
"McCunn writes with depth, sensitivity and insight...SOLE SURVIVOR details the ordeal vividly, colorfully and in penetrating detail. Her ability to project the mental agony and despair of the young sailor should succeed in bringing the book to the attention of an international readership."
South China Morning Post
"A man's struggle with extreme hardship and danger makes inviting reading when narrated by a competent, perceptive storyteller.... (SOLE SURVIVOR) rings with truth as well as excitement."
San Francisco Chronicle
"Poon's experience makes for a dignified, uplifting adventure tale."
Publishers Weekly

Current U.S. Publisher:
Design Enterprises of S.F.; Paper, Kindle, & ePub, 2013
Blackstone Audiobooks; MP3 edition, 2002
Paperback available to the trade from Ingram Book Company

U.S. Publishing History:
Design Enterprises of S.F., Hardcover & Trade Paper 1985 - 1989
Scholastic Paperback 1989 - 1998
Beacon Press, Trade Paperback, 1999 - 2002