Books by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Written by Ruthanne Lum McCunn
Illustrated by You-shan Tang

Chinese Translation by Ellen Lai-shan Yeung
Spanish Translation by Teresa Mlawer

American Book Award, 1984, Before Columbus Foundation
ALA Children's Books of International Interest, 1984

"The illustrations are striking, in pleasantly bold colors and with interesting documentary backgrounds introduced from time to time.... A valuable tribute to the pioneer work of the Chinese-American community."
School Library Journal
"Strikingly illustrated with full-color paintings that sweep the pages with their broad compositions. Colors are unexpected hues of yellow, gold, pink, and turquoise-indigo blue. They lend something of a neon quality that doesn't overwhelm and accounts for the pictures' fresh look."
"McCunn tells eloquently the story of a real person.... Legends about Pie-Biter's exploits and his business acumen keep the reader engrossed in his life, particularly in his career after the work on the railroad ended. Paintings by the gifted artist Tang illustrate the book handsomely."
Publishers Weekly
"...a marvelous children's book. Artist Tang has created characters which are historically accurate and without the usual stereotypical look or characteristics of ethnic characters portrayed in the 19th century. ...a warm immortalization of the legend of Pie-Biter."
Asian Week
"PIE-BITER is a very attractive book which will surely draw and hold the attention of children because of its rich colors, detailed drawing, and intriguing hero."
Southwest Chinese Journal
"There are children's books whose significance sometimes transcends mere dismissal as a kid's book. This is one of them."
The Fresno Bee
"PIE-BITER is a children's book, but its sweet, simple message will appeal to many older persons."
The Montana Standard
"A wonderful combination of Chinese illustrative techniques and western watercolor scenes gives the art work a colorful, warm, and interesting look."
Pacific Sun

Current U.S. Publisher:
Shen's Books, Hardcover, 1998 Distributed by Lee & Low, NYC
Trilingual: English, Chinese, and Spanish
11-1/4" x 9-1/4", 32 pages, 1-885008-07-4, $15.95

U.S. Publishing History:
Design Enterprises of S.F., Hardcover, English Language Edition, 1983 - 1996
Design Enterprises of S.F., Hardcover, Chinese Language Edition, 1983 -1996