Photos of Polly and Her Ranch

Thousand Pieces of Gold is based on the life of Lalu Nathoy/Polly Bemis. The black and white photos below were taken during her life. The color photos were taken in June 2001. To see an enlarged version of any of the photos, Click on the photograph desired.

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Polly outside her cabin
Polly outside
her cabin
Ruthanne at Polly's Cabin
Ruthanne at
Polly's Cabin
Polly in her Wedding Dress
Polly in her
Wedding Dress
Polly and Charlie's Cabin
Polly and Charlie's Cabin
at the River of No Return
Polly's Cabin now
Polly's Cabin now
Buck at Polly's Cabin
The buck at Polly's Cabin
Polly's Headstone
Polly's Headstone