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RUTHANNE LUM MCCUNN, an Eurasian of Chinese and Scottish descent, was hailed by the Dallas Times in 1985 as "an American-Chinese author of remarkable talent." Her work, which has won many awards, has been translated into eleven languages, published in twenty-two countries, and adapted for the stage and film.

Now in Paperback!

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  • 2008 Best Adult Fiction
    Chinese American Librarians Association
  • 2008 Kiriyama Prize Notable Book
  • San Francisco Chronicle Best Seller
  • A November 2007 Booksense Pick

"With God of Luck, Ruthanne Lum McCunn has turned her descriptive and sensitive storytelling skills to the little known coolie trade to Peru. She beautifully combines the hardships and brutality of the kidnapping of a Chinese man, conditions on the slave ships, and the bitterness of back-breaking labor in a foreign land with the sadness and determination of a wife and family back home. Never separating history from its impact on individual people, McCunn has reached into her characters' hearts to bring readers a story of emotional depth and truth."
Lisa See, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
"Held me captive from the start"
Alan Cheuse, NPR, All Things Considered
"[The author's] clear voice and simple yet elegant style easily turns this work into a real page-turner. Highly recommended for general readers as well as those studying Chinese history."
Library Journal
"Most highly recommended."
Multicultural Review, Summer 2008
"A vivid tale of a faraway time."
Asian Week
"Wise and spellbinding."
Gus Lee, China Boy, Courage
Soho Press Publicist: Sarah Reidy
(617) 948-6584

New Edition
with an Introduction by King-Kok Cheung,
University of California, Los Angeles
and a New Afterword by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

 Cover of Wooden Fish Songs


A brief video of Ruthanne sharing readers' reactions to her work, topics for some of her talks, and a partial listing of previous engagements.

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